General Info

Throughout the year students will receive regular notifications to keep studio families up to date with festival, exams, show news and general studio details.  Information will also be posted on the bulletin board. If you have any questions throughout the year please contact   As office hours vary throughout the year, the quickest way to contact us is through email. Please do not ask teachers questions between classes as it delays the class.
Student Placement
Appropriate levels of classes are determined with the student’s best interests in mind. Placement will depend on age, ability and experience. All placements are reviewed for appropriateness, and students may be moved, even after the term has commenced.
To avoid the spread of illness to other children, families and staff at Deas Island Dance and to help your child have a speedy recovery, please keep your child home from dance if he/she:

  • Displays symptoms such as excessive coughing, runny nose, fever, vomiting or diarrhea
  • Has a suspected or known communicable disease (ie. Pink eye, flu, rash or skin infection, gastrointestinal illness, head lice etc.)

Please email if your child is going to be absent.  Please include in your email your child’s name, class and teacher’s name.

Class Cancellation
Every effort is made to hold all classes at their regularly scheduled time. On a few occasions classes may be canceled for statutory holidays, ballet exams or festival dates.
Food & Drink
Food or drink is not permitted anywhere in the studio except the kitchen.   Students and family members may use the microwave and refrigerator in the kitchen – please bring your own utensils. Please clean up the space after use.Water bottles are encouraged in the class rooms (strictly water please).  Family members are asked to refrain from eating and drinking in the lobby – sorry this includes coffee.
Open House
Studio family and friends are invited to observe their child’s classes during the observation weeks. Specific dates will be announced on the website and posted on the bulletin board.
Student Teacher Apprenticeship
This program is offered to give students experience teaching younger dancers and we aim to develop leadership qualities as well as technical knowledge.  We hope that this opportunity will give students confidence and skills for future goals in dance or any path they choose.  The applicant must be twelve years old (as of this year) and must be enrolled in at least two ballet classes per week.
Absenteeism & Punctuality
We ask that all students are on time and ready to go when they walk in to their classes.  Warm up is an integral part of class.  In order for students to achieve consistent improvement, regular attendance is essential. The building of necessary memory and muscle aptitude and strength requires excellent attendance.  If students are unable to dance due to illness or injury we encourage students to watch class so they will not fall behind.  If a student has to miss a class please phone the office and leave a message.
Some staff and students have strong allergies.  Please help us keep the studio a  NUT FREE ZONE.  Please do not wear strong perfumes or hair sprays to class.  Also, Miss Lesley is EXTREMELY allergic to horse dander.  If you have been riding or near horses please make sure you shower and remove all horse clothes before attending the studio.  Thank you!
The Change Area & Lost and Found
Names should be clearly printed on all dancewear, particularly shoes.

Students are asked to keep the change area tidy.  Please put all bags on the shelves, hang up coats and put shoes under the bench.   Lockers are available for a nominal yearly rental fee – please see the office.

Please do not leave valuables in the changeroom.  Deas Island Dance is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Hair & Jewellery
Hair for jazz, hip hop and tap should be up off the neck in a pony tail, bun or braided. Please remove all watches, rings, necklaces etc.  Hair for ballet and modern class should be done in a classical ballet bun.  Students are encouraged to learn to do their own hair and to pay attention to the right technique of doing a proper ballet bun.
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