Terms and Conditions

All class fees, post-dated cheques and costume deposits must be paid in full and given to the office by August 15th each year to permit a student to begin classes for that year.

There is a $25 fee for late payments.

The Advanced Registration Payment, Administration Fee, and Costume Deposit are all non-refundable payments.  There will be a $25 fee for each NSF or returned cheque.

Notice of Cancellation and Refund
Tuition refunds will not be given after October 31st without a doctor’s letter.  One month’s notice is required if a student withdraws before October 31st. Non-attendance is not considered a withdrawal. When applying for a refund, classes taken prior to October 31st will be charged at $15/0.75 hrs $17/hr, $19/1.25 hrs and $21/1.5 hrs (plus GST). The withdrawal date is the day when the parent informs the school administrator in writing.  There will be no refunds for any missed classes.
All families are expected to volunteer at least once during show time. Positions could include such things such as: ushering, backstage supervision, scenery take-down and more. These positions will be posted online prior to show time.

If you are not able to volunteer, you may send a relative or family friend in your place, or pay for a babysitter to supervise one of the groups backstage.

Deas Island Dance will only be responsible for supervising students during class time.

Students may, on occasion, be photographed or filmed and images recorded in various media during lessons, performances and fieldtrips.  By taking part in our school activities you are deemed to consent and agree that your child may be photographed and filmed unless you have otherwise informed the office in writing at the time you register your child, and in any event, before any image is captured in any form of media.  Any images resulting from our photography are the exclusive property of DID and DID reserves the right to use video or photographs for its advertising and promotion purposes and DID may retain such images indefinitely.
Schedule Changes
Deas Island Dance reserves the right to change the timetable without prior notice to parents and guardians of its students, although DID will always try to inform parents beforehand and as soon as it may be practical.
Each family must complete a waiver upon registration.

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